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TORFL test online

Torfl test exam certificate. For the moment TORFL geography is rather broad. Why study Russian abroad? If you travel anywhere in Eastern Europe, you will thrive just by knowing basic Russian. Many of these countries’ languages come from the Slavic language family. Russian language exam is conducted by the Language Testing Center at St. Petersburg University in Europe, Germany, Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, etc., in Asia— China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, in South America, in particular, Brazil and Argentina, and other countries. Now SpbU has over 100 centers in 40 countries.

To take TORFL, you don’t need to be a university student or study Russian at a language school.

TBL/A2, TORFL-I/B1, TORFL-II/B2, TORFL-III/C1, and TORFL-IV/C2 certificates are non-expiring, and TEL/ A1 certificate is valid for 5 years.
Each certificate is accompanied by a statement specifying each subtest score. You can familiarize yourself with the task format and assessment criteria using the Standard Tests of Russian as a Foreign Language for all levels. Torfl test exam certificate
To conclude, the Test preparation materials can test your knowledge and practice before your exam. They are usually available on the websites of the language testing centers. They developed using modern, relevant texts and media materials.

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