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DALF C1 certificate online

The DALF (Advanced Diploma of French Language Studies) is one of the first lifelong diplomas of French as a second language with international recognition. Today, there are 1200 exam centers in 175 countries that offer the DELF. The DALF – for a total of 400,000 candidates around the world each year. Since its inception in 1985, there have been more than 7,000,000 candidates. Further, DALF C1 certificate online.

How To Get A Registered DALF Diploma?

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 Advanced Diploma Of French Language Studies Levels

DALF C1: Language users at level C1 are independent. They can express themselves fluently and spontaneously. They have a large vocabulary and can choose the appropriate expression to introduce their comments. This can produce clear, well-structured discourse without hesitation and shows controlled use of structures. DALF C1 certificate online

DALF C2: At this level, users’ proficiency in the language is illustrated by precision, appropriateness, and fluency of expression. C2 candidates are capable of using the language for academic and advanced-level purposes.

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