Diplôme d’Aptitude à l’Enseignement du Français Langue Étrangère(DAEFLE )

DAEFLE online exam

The DAEFLE certifies skills in teaching French to non-French-speaking audiences. Further, the Preparation for the DAEFLE is intended for people who wish to obtain a diploma to teach French as a foreign language in France or abroad. In addition, for teachers already in post wishing to specialize in a specific field or audience. To make your project a reality, the CNED, in partnership with the Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France. Offers you professional training, complete or flexible according to your needs. In addition, DAEFLE online exam

How Can I Take To Prepare For DAEFLE Exam?

We are now entitled to organise the DAEFLE (Diplôme d’Aptitude à l’Enseignement du Français Langue Étrangère). It is a diploma offered by the Alliance française Paris Île-de-France in collaboration with the CNED. It is intended for anyone wishing to become a professional in the field of teaching and learning French as a Foreign Language (FLE) in France or abroad.

The training followed, whether initial or continuing, is carried out at a distance with the CNED. In order to be admitted to the training, it is necessary to pass an access test (35 minutes). Once the 6 modules of the course have been validated, you will have to pass a final exam (5h30 in total).

Why Choose French Language Certificates For DAEFLE Certificate?

The preparation for the DAEFLE is multi-support training. You have access to online training space, a veritable center of educational resources, information and exchanges, and printed documents sent by post. With French Language Certificates you can get a registered DAEFLE certification online without attending the exam.

The contents of the preparation for the DAEFLE are developed according to the exam reference system by teacher-designers, FLE specialists. The courses alternate theoretical readings and applications. Activities allow the construction of a high-performance Fle class session, which can be deployed at the end of the training. You are thus closer to the reality of a teaching situation. DAEFLE online exam

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