Financial Risk Management (FRM)

GARP FRM certificate

What is Financial Risk Management?

Financial Risk Management deals with quantifying & managing the risks associated with a firm, such as credit risk, market risk, operational risk, enterprise risk, investment risk, etc. Risk management is very important in all sectors owing to the necessity of taking calculated risks in any business. GARP FRM certificate

Where Do I Take FRM Certificate?

French Language Certificates present you with a golden opportunity to expand your knowledge & enhance your competence through our comprehensive range of modules. They will help you build an understanding of the vivid aspects of the prevailing financial scenario in risk management. It is a rigorous testing & certification program. Which introduces you to the basics of risk management including the functionality & technicalities of the financial domain.

How Can I Get FRM Certification?

FRM Certification – The Financial Risk Manager or the FRM certification is one of the world’s leading certifications in risk management and is recognized in every major market. Since 2021, the FRM exam has been conducted in a computer-based testing format. FRM Part I and Part II must be cleared in chronological order after which candidates must document. The requisite work experience in financial risk management in order to be granted Financial Risk Manager status. Further, the GARP FRM certificate

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